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About Wixar Naturals.

Supporting your unique path to wellness.

Join us for a fun and delicious journey to optimal health with supplements that help you thrive.

We believe in making nutrition easy, creating delicious and fun supplements so you can live a full and wholesome life and boost your immune defense. People are at the heart of everything we do, which is why we created our range of organic sea moss gummies, along with our nutrient-rich capsules and powders, so that everyone can enjoy their journey to wellness.

We are more than a nutrition supplement brand. We are committed to leaving this world in a better place, whether that is providing innovative solutions for achieving optimal health without damaging the planet or supporting clean water access in developing countries.

We know your life is fast-paced and varies wildly from day to day. So why not add one daily habit that can boost your health and immune defense no matter what comes your way? For us, the key to good health is making it easy and effortless.

Our organic sea moss gummies serve up a delicious dose of fun while replenishing the 102 minerals your body needs to thrive. We design all our products to make healthy living enjoyable while delivering high-quality nutrients to carry you through each day.

All our products are excellent for vegan and gluten-free diets, and we ensure they meet all the highest health and safety standards before they make it to your door. Receive the sea moss nutrients you need with the shake of a bottle, and head out to live your healthiest life.


Wixar Naturals. Where healthy outside starts from the inside.


Supporting access to clean water.

When you purchase sea moss supplements, ashwagandha gummies, or any other Wixar Naturals product, we contribute a portion of the proceeds to The Spring charity: water. A brilliant organization, it helps communities and schools in developing countries access the safe, clean water they need to thrive.

With Wixar Naturals, your sea moss products benefit more than just your health. Each purchase contributes to clean hydration for those in need, helping you contribute to a healthier world.

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