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Unleash the Potential of Maca 

Elevate your well-being and ignite your passions with the energizing blend of Maca root and coffee from Wixar Naturals, expertly crafted to support healthy testosterone levels and enhance libido for a vibrant, fulfilling lifestyle.

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Unearth the Secret to Vitality with Wixar Naturals' Maca Coffee Blend.
Fuel your body and mind with our exceptional Maca Coffee blend, combining 100% Pure Arabica coffee, Maca root, Reishi, Ginseng, and Tongkat Ali, designed to elevate your wellness journey and unlock your full potential.


Experience the multifaceted benefits of our Maca Coffee, brimming with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that cater to your body's needs. Witness the transformative effects on testosterone levels and sexual health, as our expertly crafted blend enhances your intimate experiences and bolsters your energy.

Maca Coffee goes beyond physical wellness, sharpening cognitive performance and empowering you with heightened memory, focus, and concentration. Ideal for driven professionals and those looking to optimize their well-being, Wixar Naturals' Maca Coffee blend delivers the ultimate balance of energy, vitality, and mental clarity.


Our Instant
Maca Coffee

Experience superior natural health support with Wixar Naturals' Maca Coffee blend. Our premium blend is suitable for vegan and gluten-free lifestyles and crafted in an FDA-registered, cGMP certified, and allergen-free facility, ensuring the utmost quality product. Each serving of our Maca Coffee delivers a potent mix of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to invigorate energy and fortify immune health. Rely on our dedication to providing the finest natural supplements on the market.



3rd Party
Lab Tested.

Our products undergo rigorous testing by 3rd party laboratories to ensure their purity, free from heavy metals and other contaminants. You can trust that each supplement is of the highest quality and safe for consumption, giving you peace of mind and the best results.



Embrace the myriad proven benefits of Maca Coffee with a daily serving of our expertly crafted blend, featuring pure, organic Maca root. Seize control of your well-being with the revitalizing
power of Maca Coffee.

Testosterone Boost with Maca

Our Maca Coffee aids testosterone production, promoting muscle growth, strength, and overall vitality in men.

Ignite Libido and Sexual Health

As a natural aphrodisiac, Maca Coffee effectively improves sexual desire and performance for a more satisfying love life.

Increase Energy with Maca Coffee

Experience a natural energy boost with our Maca Coffee, helping you stay alert and focused all day long.

Mood Enhancement

Our unique blend of Maca and coffee promotes serotonin production, lifting your spirits and improving overall emotional well-being.

Balance Hormones Naturally

Maca Coffee supports hormonal balance in both men and women, enhancing fertility and alleviating hormonal imbalance symptoms.

Mental Clarity and Focus

The synergistic effects of Maca and caffeine improve cognitive function, sharpening memory and concentration for optimal productivity.

Antioxidant Powerhouse

Maca Coffee is packed with antioxidants, helping to combat free radicals and support a healthy immune system, reducing chronic disease risk.

Enhance Athletic Performance

Maca Coffee's adaptogenic properties boost stamina and endurance, empowering you to excel in your fitness goals and physical activities.

Machu Pichu

Peruvian Maca Coffee

Sourced responsibly from eco-friendly Peruvian mountain farms for our premium Maca Coffee blend


1 tsp (2.8g) or 2 tsp (5.6g) per serving.

1 tsp serving contains

In our Maca Coffee blend, we exclusively utilize organic and natural ingredients, guaranteeing the consumption of pure, nourishing nutrients

for optimal well-being.



Total Fat




Total Carbohydrate


Protein < 1g


100% Arabica Coffee Powder, Maca Root Extract Powder, Reishi Mushroom Powder(Ganoderma lucidum), Ginseng Extract Powder, Tongkat Ali Extract Powder 



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