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Supernatural Healing Powers of Sea Moss

For many health gurus eating an ordinary standard healthy diet along with exercise just won’t do. Thousands of health-conscious consumers worldwide have done their research and believe sea moss to be the solution to better health. What is sea moss anyway? The name certainly doesn’t sound appetizing but for consumers who use it faithfully, they swear by it!

Wildcrafted Sea Moss by Wixar Naturals
Wild Crafted Sea Moss from the Caribbean

What Is Sea Moss?

Sea moss is an algae that grows all over the world. You can find it growing in oceans in which it is harvested. Sea moss grows in a variety of colors, such as greenish-yellow, red, dark purple, and purplish-brown. Irish sea moss has a yellowish tone or golden color. If you have the luxury of harvesting your sea moss the first thing you want to do after harvesting it is clean it.

Irish sea moss, in its unclean state, holds a musty odor due to absorbing so much like a sponge in the ocean. By cleaning the sea moss, you are removing the odor, sand, access salts, and debris. Simply fill a bowl with water and soak the sea moss continuously in freshwater until the bowl of water becomes clear.

Can Sea Moss Be Consumed?

Sea moss is consumable. To add sea moss to your smoothies, follow these directions. Clean your sea moss and add a handful of sea moss into a pot. Next, pour a half a gallon of water into the pot with the cleaned sea moss. You will boil this mixture for about 10 to 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes you will turn off the stove and allow both water and sea moss to cool down for 2 to 3 hours. By now the sea moss should have expanded. You will blend the pot of water and sea moss in a blender until it has consistency. Next, pour the blended Irish sea moss into an airtight container and place it into the fridge.

The next day, you will have a creamy sea moss gel. You can follow the same steps to prepare purple sea moss. If you use the same amount of purple sea moss and

water as compared to the above directions, you will find that purple sea moss will have a thicker pastier consistency after being stored in the fridge.

Preparing Sea Moss Smoothie

To prepare a sea moss smoothie add the ingredients you would normally add to your smoothies such as fruit, water, milk, ice, and a couple of spoon fulls of sea moss gel. After blending you will consume your smoothie as usual. What you’ll love about sea moss is the fact that it has little to no taste to it. So, this means you can enjoy the original taste of your smoothie with an added boost of sea moss.

Why Is Sea Moss A Super Food?

I bet you're still wondering why is sea moss considered a super food? What is so special about it? Irish sea moss contains 92 out of 102 minerals the body needs.

The Sulphur containing an amino acid called taurine is also present in sea moss. Taurine is an amazing mineral because it directs hydration towards cells that need hydration the most and it ensures the hydration enters into the core of the cell.

When a cell is hydrated it reduces your chances of developing cancer and increases your body’s ability to remove toxic waste. Sometimes an increase in weight gain can mean an issue with your thyroid. Irish sea moss contains the vital hormone precursor DI-Iodothyronine (DIT), and the thyroid hormones Thyroxin (T4) and Tri-iodothyronine (T3).

These hormones act to regulate the thyroid. A regulated thyroid allows you to maintain a healthy balanced weight. Many people have reported taking more poops. Sea moss is rich in fiber and its slippery gel texture makes taking poops easier. The list of sea moss benefits goes on and on. Take out the time to learn more about its many benefits.

Side Effects

Sea moss is a natural blood thinner. Before taking sea moss consult your physician to be sure it won't interact with any of your current medications. Sea moss is also considered a natural laxative. This is a huge benefit for many people. However,

the fact that you weren’t taking sea moss for that purpose could become frustrating.

Try New Things

So, what are you waiting for? Are you excited to try sea moss? If your suffering from thyroid conditions and constipation, you have nothing to lose. Stop by your local health food store and give it a go. You deserve to try new foods and gain a new attitude!



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